Spiritual Emergencies Or Psychotic Episodes?

Thought Catalog


In 1994 The American Psychiatric Association added “Religious or Spiritual Problem” to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual.

It is sad to think of what a widespread disease “religious or spiritual problems” are.

Maybe someday they will add “linguistic discrepancy” to the list of diagnoses.

Every human is inherently flawed.

Humans are especially flawed when their behavior contradicts what their culture accepts as normal.

“Being normal is boring,” is something I heard a lot when I was young, especially in art school (not so much in Catholic school.)

Complaining about Catholic school is boring.

But it’s hard not to reflect and be bitter.

The more I learn about neuroscience the more I resent my cultural upbringing.

It’s normal for one to feel resentment towards one’s own upbringing. It is probably better to be reconciled with the past and pursue personal growth with vigilant optimism.

I feel I must “undo”…

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