11 Types Of Drunk Texters

Thought Catalog

During my 26 years as a land mammal, I’ve found that alcohol tends to highlight and accentuate one’s individual baseline texting behaviors.  Generally speaking, a happy person is a happy texter is a happy drunk texter as well, unless of course they are a whiskey drinker or have several fairly serious inner demons.

Once you and your friends get to know each other better, you may offer to hold one another’s phones after a few drinks. You don’t want to get super buzzed and have a moment of weakness where you send that guy Billy something overwhelmingly clever like a 10pm ‘Hey’, because Billy is such a dick, girl. You’re better than that. This plan lasts only about an hour and a half, after which point the three other cocktails you’ve had in the meantime convince you that even though you just repeatedly told your friend not to give your…

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