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As I looked at the world,

With hard, skeptical eyes,

I thought of all the horrors

And of all the lies

I pondered as I watched

The crimes unfold

Do not be foolish enough to think

That nothing remains untold

Do you not see?

The foulness on the outside

A mirror reflecting

The humanity that died

Do not weep at

The scenes of malice

For weeping is a skill

That offers no solace

Gaze, then, upon the truth,

And bask in disgust as you see

What man has made of man

And what they’ve done in the name of He

God forgive them for they

Have taken your name in vain

It is not He that orders bloodshed

It is not He that allows pain

I grieve for humanity’s loss

For the emptiness that ensued

When man claimed that power

Had no consequences to be rued

Perhaps it’s the saddest…

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