Mooooving along

Peace, Love and Patchouli

Tossing and turning
Hotel radio with soothing sounds,
Wind chimes not lulling
Sleep not coming,
Elusive as peace.
Blinking light
Tiny green star above the bed
Flashing like a light
Flashing like an airplane at night.
Behind the door
Cowbell 119
I laughed to see my placard,
Each room different,
More cowbell I say aloud
To the shadows of no one in the hall.
Morning here and soon away
Mooooving again
Cars and factories
Airports and planes
Flying out over corn fields
And water water everywhere,
Heading home later
Where the world knows me as me,
Not a weary traveller
But a girl of peace and feet on ground,
Head in the clouds
Not flying physically through them,
Just mentally dreaming of skies
And rising suns
As I moooooove along
Ringing my bell.

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