9 Signs You’re Getting More Comfortable In Your Relationship

Thought Catalog

image - Flickr / Renate Flynn image – Flickr / Renate Flynn

The beginning of a relationship is like an interview. Just as there’s no way in hell you’ll confess that you’re not really an excel wizard, you’re sure as hell not going to admit that your room isn’t pristine all the time. It’s not lying. It’s just…putting your best face forward.

But in time, your best behaviors will fade and you’ll revert back to your natural state.

Here are 9 signs it’s already happening to you:

1. Indoors, you live in your sweatpants

You might have opted for yoga pants the first time you and your SO curled up for a movie, but the return of your cotton friends was inevitable. Movies—and every in-home activity—are just better in sweats.

2. You’ve stopped folding your towel

The first time you took a shower at your boyfriend’s…

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